Welcome to the new HempDrop online shop!

Hello and welcome to the new HempDrop online shop.

HEMPDROP® was founded by a handful of passionate people who, following their 25 years of experience in natural products, have decided to share these broad knowledge.

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On this blog you’ll find the latest & greatest news on everything about “Hemp” – from natural hemp product updates to helpful interviews.
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Good Green
The Good Green organic hemp products are certified , which ensures that hemp is not genetically modified , and without the use of pesticides , as well as on the ground where the hemp grows, there were for many years no chemicals and fertilizers used .

Pen Vaporizer
KanaVape is a new way to enjoy cannabinoids without THC, thanks to a premium e-liquid hemp vaporizer.

Patron Dispenser
This dispenser has the most advanced technique liquid distribution on the market. The dispensers are the newest and most sophisticated oil, wax and paste dispensers ever!

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